hamer met dubbele widia kop ook met enkele kop verkrijg baar en in verschillende gewichten

The hammers are available with widea on one or on both sides.

We recommend using widea when working with hard materials like smalti or granite.

Softer materials like marble can be crafted with normal hammers.

There are different weights in the available hammers: 450gr – 750gr – 950gr

Product Options
1Staal 450gr€40.00
2Staal 750gr€45.00
3Staal 950gr€50.00
41 widea 450gr€75.00
51 widea 750gr€85.00
61 widea 950gr€95.00
72 widea 450gr€95.00
82 widea 750gr €125.00
92 widea 950gr€135.00
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